Every motorist can face such a situation when his car suddenly starts to make some kind of extraneous sounds. Before contacting a car service for help, it is advisable to establish the source of these sounds yourself, so as not to be deceived in the workshop. Therefore, we will consider what and how can make noise in the engine compartment of a car and how use scrap car removal scarborough.

If it makes a lot of noise
The nature of sounds coming from the engine side can be quite diverse: whistling, knocking, rustling, howling. If, after the engine has completely warmed up, the sound does not go anywhere, then it is worth taking a closer look at such nodes as the timing belt or chain, the cooling system pump, bearings, crankshaft, valves, fuel injectors. All these elements constantly emit unpleasant sounds in case of malfunction.

Only when starting the motor
It often happens that extraneous sounds in the car appear only when the engine is started, after which they immediately disappear. Most often, the drive belt and its tension roller are to blame for this, hydraulic lifters and pistons can also make noise. The problem with short-term noise is especially evident in winter at sub-zero temperatures, when the oil in the engine thickens.

Noise when accelerating the car
Sometimes it happens that extraneous sounds from the engine are heard only at certain engine operating conditions. For example, under high load during intensive acceleration. In this situation, the source of the noise should be looked for in unadjusted or worn valves, a phase shifter that emits clicking sounds, and in stretched drive belts slipping on pulleys.