Spark plug electrodes are a common problem faced by many car owners. There can be many reasons for the appearance of such pollution, these are both malfunctions of the fuel system and the use of low-quality gasoline and diesel. Let’s talk in more detail about what causes such carbon deposits on spark plugs. Also car owners are often confronted with the question what to do with old license plates ontario.

Reasons for the appearance of carbon deposits
We believe that on a completely serviceable engine and high-quality candles, even after 50-70 thousand kilometers of run, such carbon deposits will be absent, since the remaining fuel simply burns out, cleaning the candles. If there is an increased formation of plaque on the spark plugs, especially with the minimum mileage of the car, then in such a case it is necessary to sound the alarm, try to solve the existing problems, thereby prolonging the life of the engine and avoiding critical breakdowns of the car.

One of the causes of carbon deposits on spark plugs is engine oil entering the combustion chamber. This is often the case for engines with high mileage. Such motors have worn out oil scraper rings and seals. Also, oil can enter the combustion chamber together with crankcase gases, which indicates a malfunction of the crankcase ventilation system. In such a case, in-depth vehicle diagnostics and engine repairs are required. If the ingress of oil into the combustion chamber is due to wear of the piston group, then in such a case, a major overhaul of the engine is required.

Problems in the fuel system lead to incomplete combustion of the fuel, which can be identified by the characteristic carbon deposits on the spark plugs. Most often, this is noted in cases where the engine does not properly prepare the fuel-air mixture. To identify such malfunctions, a comprehensive engine diagnostics is required, which allows you to identify existing malfunctions and completely restore the car. In carburetor engines, the tightness of the needle valve is often broken, and on modern injection engines the air flow sensor fails.

If the car has a late ignition set, then in such a case, a characteristic black carbon deposit may appear on the spark plug electrodes. This is explained by improper combustion of fuel, repair in such a case consists in adjusting the ignition angle, which allows you to solve the existing problems.

Carbon deposits on candles can also appear when the engine is idling for a long time. Often, car owners misuse the engine, they either often keep the engine at idle or almost never increase the speed above 3000-4000 per minute. This leads to the fact that possible carbon deposits on the candles simply do not burn out at high speeds.

Another reason for the formation of a characteristic plaque on spark plugs is the use of poor quality fuel. If the gasoline contains numerous additives, it will cause deposits on the spark plugs and other problems with the fuel system. To avoid such malfunctions, the car owner needs to refuel exclusively at gas stations from leading networks, using high-quality fuel for the car.

The appearance of a characteristic plaque on the spark plugs may indicate that the engine has any critical malfunctions or the use of poor quality fuel. The car owner, if he noticed such problems on his car, needs to diagnose the engine and the fuel system, eliminating the existing malfunctions, which will eliminate critical engine breakdowns. Unfortunately, such a plaque often indicates a worn out engine, it is required to restore the piston and valve group, and this is already an expensive overhaul.