Recently, new and more efficient batteries appear, so the question of their choice today is not limited only to the parameters specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the available battery models to choose the most suitable for our car. But if your car is in total disrepair, then use the service scrap cars in ajax.

Technical recommendations
With the development of automotive technology, the demand for more efficient batteries is increasing, so today we have several models to choose from. Maintenance-free batteries that do not require replenishing the electrolyte level by topping up with distilled water have become the new standard:

In this case, low water evaporation has been achieved thanks to plates made of lead-calcium or lead-calcium-silver alloys.
The casing is also designed so that a significant portion of the water is returned to the liquid state.
Another aspect influencing the choice of batteries with increased durability is the increased production of Start-Stop vehicles by more than 70%.

Lead Acid Batteries (SLA)
The lead-acid battery design was developed in 1859, and interestingly enough, this model is still often used because of its low price. The main cell of the lead-acid battery is made of a block of battery plates, which consist of:

Anodes made of metallic lead,
cathodes of PbO2,
the electrolyte, which consists of an aqueous sulfuric acid solution with various additives.
The most widely used maintenance-free SLA batteries consist of 6 cells and have a nominal voltage of 12 volts. In the automotive industry, they are widely used in almost all types of vehicles, from cars to motorcycles.

Advantages of the SLA battery: resistance to deep discharge and the ability to fully restore the original parameters by recharging the discharged battery. The disadvantages of the SLA battery: the risk of sulfation with partial or full maintenance and the requirement for electrolyte replenishment. Currently, each manufacturer is trying to create a unique battery option that meets modern safety and reliability standards. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the extensive offerings.