Before you start reading this article, remember that a scrap car without wheels can be recycled.

Parktronic systems appeared before rear view cameras and have become very popular. Nowadays almost each modern car as the Peugeot Expert has this system. And every year it becomes better and more accurate.

The parking sensor works quite simply. It is a radar which measures the distance from the rear bumper to some obstacle. When this distance becomes short, the system gives an audible signal and sometimes an alert on the car monitor, warning of the threat of a collision.

On top of everything else, the parktronic will work in any weather, be it rain, snow or mud. Radar will work through any obstacle. At first glance, the system seems just perfect, because now you do not have to be nervous while parking and constantly think about whether you will scratch the bumper of your favorite car or crash into someone else’s.

But there are disadvantages everywhere. Alas, parktronic is not yet so sensitive to notice, for example, a piece of rebar or a thick wire that was sticking out of the ground. In such cases the camera comes to help.

Rear-view camera
With the advent of rear view cameras, many car owners have switched over to them. What are their advantages over parking sensors, so why is the number of these systems in cars is growing every day?

First, thanks to the rear view camera, you can observe in real time the distance left to the wall, another car, curb or, as mentioned above, fittings sticking out of the ground.

Secondly, these cameras have wide viewing angles, which is very important when you are backing out of the yard or parking lot on the roadway. In this case, the driver can easily see the approaching car and react in time to the danger.

Unfortunately, it is not without its disadvantages. In very bad weather, when it is raining, mud and slush, when a clean car is covered with a layer of mud in 100 meters, and in low visibility conditions the camera may not help you much.

But often car owners still prefer a rearview camera, as terrible weather conditions are not so frequent phenomena.

So what to choose?
Answering the question of what to choose in the end, in this situation is not easy. Above, we told you how both systems work. We talked about their advantages and disadvantages, found out that they are approximately in the same price range.

Of course, now most motorists prefer the rearview camera, because it not only helps to park, but also sees everything around when driving in reverse. However, parktronic systems are not lagging behind, there are new products on the market, which also have a radar warning of an approaching threat.

Some car owners install both systems and don’t puzzle over the issue. However, this is not the only way out. Read the comments and reviews of drivers themselves on various portals, ask your friends and acquaintances what they prefer and why.

I will share with you and my personal experience. My car has both a parking sensor and a camera. But the force of the habit to park without these devices is so great that I still do everything by mirrors and turning around.

Parktronic can be heard and it does not interfere with my usual actions, but rather helps me determine the distance from the bumper to the obstacle more accurately. Although from time to time parking sensors overreact, giving out unnecessary hysterical signals, as if there will be a collision with a grass or a garage gate. But it is better to be too much than too little.

As for the camera, I always forget to look into it for lack of necessity. I use it only in some extraordinary circumstances, once a year, maybe.

Although I know the drivers, the fair sex adore the camera and willingly use it for parking lots and are very happy with this device.

It is very important to consider, of course, and what kind of car you have. Almost all modern cars suffer from poor visibility. This is especially true for minivans and vans, for which a camera and parktronic are a condition of safety.

Now there are devices on the market which combine both parking sensors and a rearview camera, and in my opinion, this is the best solution if you have enough money.