The desire of many drivers to increase comfort in the car and to fight against the sometimes bright sunlight with the help of tinting film is quite understandable. Using qualitative material and well chosen color can add a certain individuality to any car, add more solidity and beauty to it and protect from discomfort of the driver. And the desire to use the service scrapping a car in ontario is all the more understandable.

What is tinting film used for?

Tinting has a number of useful functions. Thus, taking advantage of tinting auto glass, reducing the burden on the eyes of the driver caused by the headlight from oncoming cars, snow or prolonged exposure to bright sunlight. In addition, the so-called one-way visibility is created, so the car interior is not visible, while the full view inside continues to be preserved. Tinting also actively reflects UV rays, adding protection to the interior from fading, as well as increasing its elements of the service life.

Athermal film and other types of tinting

Before choosing a film, it is important to thoroughly study the properties of a particular tinting material. Today is very popular toning auto glass with athermal film, which due to its transparency does not reduce the quality of vision and provides reliable protection from the negative effects of sunlight, since 70-80% “cuts off” the UV light and does not allow the heating of the salon.

Modern toning films are of three kinds: mirror, decorative and sunscreens. Their qualities are almost the same, and the differences lie only in functional features, as reflected in the names. They differ in composition: they may be non-metallized or fully metallized, dubbed mirror films. They can be applied at will of a car owner or on the basis of some circumstances.

There are also special films: protective and armor, which are designed to ensure the safety of both the driver and the cabin. The material of such films is a reinforcing element due to the peculiarities of the applied chemical composition and thickness. These types of films can quite effectively protect the glass from blunt force impacts. In principle, all kinds of films impart safety to some extent, for example, by keeping the fragments of glass together, formed after the blow, and preventing their penetration into the salon.

Peculiarities of selection of tinting

When choosing the optimal film, you should take into account its tint, as it is necessary to harmoniously combine it with the look of the car. Moreover, the light transmission of tinting is important, because if the film is too light, you may not achieve the desired effect, but if it is too dark, in the dark times it will reduce the visibility.

Not only the color of tinting is important, but the quality of the applied film. Autoprotech specialists claim that high quality film consists of several layers, one of which is a protective layer. Too thin film may already have scratches during the process of gluing, and after a short time there will be scratches on the whole surface because of little touches. Such films burn out in just one summer season, significantly reducing the transparency of glass and making it cloudy. It is better to entrust the gluing of the purchased film to professionals, but if you make the tinting by yourself, choose a spacious and clean place for the whole operation.