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What to do when the radiator is leaking?

Anything can happen to your car on the road. The trip can be ruined when the radiator suddenly begins to leak. It starts to smell in the car, and its sweetish flavor suggests to an ex-driver that it is the… Continue Reading →

Ball bearing replacement, diagnosis and causes of ball bearing damage

The condition of components and parts of the chassis affects the steering of the car, its stability on the road, as well as comfort and driving safety. The chassis is continuously subjected to static and dynamic loads of various magnitudes… Continue Reading →

Fuel level sensor: types, principle of operation, device

Fuel level sensor (FST) – a functional device of the fuel system of the car, the only purpose of which is to determine the level and volume of fuel (diesel, gasoline, diesel fuel, oil) in the fuel tank. If only… Continue Reading →

TSI engine supercharging: device, principle of operation

TSI engine supercharging is a technology of direct fuel injection and turbocharging. For the first time the TSI supercharger concept was developed and patented by Volkswagen, which presented an effective internal combustion engine with unique technical characteristics. TSI engines use… Continue Reading →

Distributed injection system K-Jetronic: structure and principle of operation

Initially, this concept was seen as a replacement for the rapidly aging carburetor injection and at its base had a fairly complex organization, which included several key components.┬áIf you have just such a car and it fell into disrepair, and… Continue Reading →

Turbocharger: what is it, why is it needed, how is it designed and how does the turbocharger work?

A turbocharger is a type of supercharger, which allows supplying air to the engine cylinders at high pressure, which is provided by the energy released from the combustion of fuel exhaust gases. By turbocharging increases the working power of the… Continue Reading →

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