You’d be surprised to learn how many cases of cars being damaged by improperly jacking them up are reported. Most often, this happens when car owners try to change wheel rims or make any repairs to the car on their own. Let’s talk in detail about how to correctly and safely jack up the car and

Always a level surface
The most important rule for the safe use of the jack is to always lift the car on a level surface. If the car is on a slope, it is forbidden to lift it on the jack, you will need to find a perfectly flat area that will allow you to put the car parallel to the ground. That is why it is mandatory to level the floor in the garages, which should not have a significant difference in height.

Choosing the right jack support points
Install the jack only in places where deformation of the body is avoided. It is safest to place it on the rear axle and front suspension beam. The car can get bogged down in the waterlogged soil, and you want to jack up the car, thereby lifting the car and putting some rags under the wheels, driving out of the muddy ground. It is necessary to put additional support, which will prevent the car from slipping and moving when it is lifted.

Lifting the machine properly
Lift the machine as gently and smoothly as possible. Under no circumstances should you lift the car sharply, because in such cases the load on the fulcrum increases significantly, which may result in damage to it. For more reliability of fixation of the jack itself, you should put pads or any other supports under it.

Use of parking brake and chocks
Having set the car on a perfectly flat surface, it is necessary to additionally tighten the parking brake, which will eliminate the possibility of the car rolling back as soon as the body starts to lift from one of the sides. It is in order to be able to tighten the wheels with the handbrake that this assembly should be maintained. You will need to work out the cable and change the handbrake pads on a regular basis.

Also experts recommend putting under the wheels opposite to the lifting point anti-pullback devices. You can buy them in specialized stores, or at the very least you can put a large stone or an unused spare under the wheel. This significantly increases the safety of the entire procedure, the car owner does not run the risk that the car when you raise one of the sides will start to roll back a little, it will wrench the jack from its mounting point, and then will need to perform expensive car body repair.

Use only quality jacks
Most of the jacks that are available as standard in cars are of quality workmanship and are fully consistent with one model or another. However, for some reason they may fail, and in such a case car owners are faced with the need to buy new accessories for their car.

It is possible to find on sale quite good quality and even original jacks for certain car models, as well as Chinese disposable jacks, which are simply unsafe to use with cars. It is not recommended to buy such low-quality accessories for your car, because when using them, there is a great risk of damaging the car or getting injured from the car falling off the jack.

When operating a car, you will invariably need to jack up the car when changing wheels or performing some simple repair and service work. In order to safely perform such service it is necessary to use quality jacks, to perform all works on a level surface, to use special lugs for support, and to put chocks under wheels and additionally clamp the parking brake.