According to the specialists of this company, the introduction of a satellite monitoring system in the work of transport services has benefits not only for the owner and head of the transport company. The employees of the company also receive benefits. Specifically:

– The use of satellite navigation helps to track the arrival of the car and control the timing of delivery;

– The use of navigators allows to optimize routes and save fuel and car life which is important for employees who work with their transport.
Benefits from the introduction of satellite monitoring

Statistical studies show that when deploying a comprehensive system of satellite monitoring of work the following benefits are achieved:

– Fuel costs for vehicles are reduced by 40%, as the satellite navigator allows you to choose the best route to travel;

– Facts of improper use of vehicles are reduced to zero;

– The total mileage of vehicles and, as a consequence, maintenance costs are reduced by 25 percent. The navigator allows to optimize routes of vehicles and trips to specified addresses;

– Labor discipline and transportation safety are increased.
Depending on the software used and sensors installed, satellite navigation systems can provide:

– Reports on vehicle trips: this includes the route, speed of travel, number of kilometers traveled,

time of stops and stops;

– Reports on the consumption of gasoline: the actual consumption is provided and a comparison with the standard one is made;

– Reports on violations of traffic rules;

– Reports on the traffic in the city taking into account the allocated zones.
In addition, the system can give out emergency messages. For example, about exceeding the allowable speed, loss of communication with the object, a traffic accident.