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How have cars changed in the 21st century?

Never before in the history of the automotive industry have we witnessed such a rapidly developing revolution as in the past two decades. Modern cars, although outwardly similar to their predecessors, are a completely different world. What changed? The service… Continue Reading →

Five basic safety rules for jacking up your car

You’d be surprised to learn how many cases of cars being damaged by improperly jacking them up are reported. Most often, this happens when car owners try to change wheel rims or make any repairs to the car on their… Continue Reading →

What are the reasons for carbon deposits on spark plugs?

Spark plug electrodes are a common problem faced by many car owners. There can be many reasons for the appearance of such pollution, these are both malfunctions of the fuel system and the use of low-quality gasoline and diesel. Let’s… Continue Reading →

Peculiarities of choosing a tinting film for car windows

The desire of many drivers to increase comfort in the car and to fight against the sometimes bright sunlight with the help of tinting film is quite understandable. Using qualitative material and well chosen color can add a certain individuality… Continue Reading →

Advantages of monitoring systems for drivers

According to the specialists of this company, the introduction of a satellite monitoring system in the work of transport services has benefits not only for the owner and head of the transport company. The employees of the company also… Continue Reading →


Before you start reading this article, remember that a scrap car without wheels can be recycled. Parktronic Parktronic systems appeared before rear view cameras and have become very popular. Nowadays almost each modern car as the Peugeot Expert has this… Continue Reading →


Recently, new and more efficient batteries appear, so the question of their choice today is not limited only to the parameters specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the available battery models to choose the most… Continue Reading →

Learning how to use additives

More and more car enthusiasts are using additives. These substances optimize engine performance, increase efficiency, clean the walls from scale and participate in other useful processes. But if used incorrectly, they will harm the car and may even require car… Continue Reading →

Diagnosis of the car engine by studying the composition of exhaust gases

In the material below, we will touch on the specifics of using a gas analyzer – a device for assessing the quality of combustion of automotive fuel and where to scrap your car. Thanks to this device, you will be… Continue Reading →

Internal combustion engine

Currently, the internal combustion engine is the main type of automobile engine. An internal combustion engine (abbreviated as ICE) is a thermal machine that converts the chemical energy of fuel into mechanical work. In some situations, its breakage is a… Continue Reading →

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