Conference Room Rentals


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Canada Room

Cost : $60/Hour

Size : 500 Square Feet

Shape : Square Room

Ceiling : 21 Feet

Layouts : Theatre, Classroom, Boardroom Dinner or U-Shape


Alberta Room

Cost : $40/Hour

Size : 300 Square Feet

Shape : Rectangle Room

Ceiling : 21 Feet

Layouts : Theatre, Classroom, Boardroom Dinner or U-Shape



*All prices include the cost of the room and GST.

* Indoor shoes are acceptable, outdoor shoes must be removed.

*Book early for date & time you would like.

* Use of the gymnastics equipment is strictly prohibited.

* Full payment required to reserve spot/time.  Full refund provided if canceled more than a week before the booking.  Refund of 75% provided if canceled with less than a week before the booking.

Gym Location

Our gym is located at 9527 – 49th Street. (Easy access by 92nd or 98th Ave., behind the Government Twin Atria Building & close to Capilano Mall).

Our very clean 19,000 sq. ft facility is equipped with the best and safest in gymnastics equipment: foam pit, Olympic regulation women’s gymnastics equipment, brightly colored and custom-designed equipment for young children, 70-foot long tumbling track, meeting rooms and amenities.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Champions Gymnastics was started in the summer of 2002 and included: Olympic vault table (Gymnova) and 25 meter vault runway, 3 competitive women’s Uneven Bars, 2 single bars, 1 strap bar, 3 competitive regulation balance beams (various heights), 2 variable height balance beams, 2 wide practice beams, 1 full Olympic regulation competition spring floor, 1 50 feet long tumbling strip, all women’s competitive events into foam pits, 2 trampolines (one into foam pit), 1 recreational floor, multitude of pedagogical/teaching aids and a 10′ X 80′ foam pit.

Building our gym was truly a Labor of Love. Built by family and close friends, Phase 1 was conceived by Valérie Oudin.
The plans were realized thanks to the expert and masterful leadership of Mr. André Oudin (Valérie’s dad), without whom this location would never have existed! Merci du fond du coeur André!

Phase 2

Champions Gymnastics is a family-built, family-owned and family-run gym. Then in the Summer of 2008, Champions Gymnastics expanded into Phase 2 of its development plan.

The Phase 1 gym had 10,400 sq. ft and Phase 2 saw the addition of an extra 8,200 sq. ft, for a total of close to 19,000 sq. ft! Again, the expert assistance of Master Carpenter André Oudin was essential to making Phase 2 a success.

Phase 2 saw the construction of:

  • One (1) large Meeting room which can accommodate over forty (40) people at a time. It is complete with projection screens, audio-visual equipment, phone and internet access
  • One (1) large Birthday Party room which can accommodate over twenty (20) people at a time. It is complete with party tables and chairs
  • One (1) “second-to-none” 70-foot long tumbling track (trampoline), sure to be the main attraction of the new gym
  • One (1) recreational spring floor (30′ X 30′) which can welcome over forty (40) participants at a time. This surface is used by our members, but also by visiting school field trips and other users
  • Two (2) sets of Uneven bars, one (1) set of Parallel bars, one (1) single bar (all set in a circuit)
  • One (1) high balance beam, one (1) medium beam, one (1) short low beam and one (1) long beam
  • One (1) other permanent beam circuit
  • Four (4), yes FOUR trampolines!
  • One (1) competition vault table (Gymnova) and an 85-foot long runway
  • Two (2) washrooms (one of them barrier-access free)
  • One (1) large reception-registration counter
  • Two (2) change-rooms (one for girls and one for boys)
  • …and last but not least… One large parent viewing area (Can sit 50 people!)


Phase 3

In the Summer of 2017, Champions Gymnastics undertook major renovations :

  • Extension of the vault runway
  • Cleaning out of the entire foam pit
  • Replacement of the old foam cubes with brand new cubes of foam
  • Addition of a brand new landing pit at the opposite end of our upstairs tumbling strip
  • Addition of 36 new custom-made storage cubbies
  • Many new & repaired mats throughout the gym

But a gym is only as good as it’s coaches… and we have the BEST IN THE CITY!

Construction of the Gym

It all started with a dream (a vision one could say) and a big pile of wood…..the plans had been drawn and the tools were ready! André, Valérie and Sylvette started bright and early one morning, full of energy and enthusiasm.

The first thing we had to do was to build the huge pit structure in an “L” shape (104 feet long X 24 feet wide plus 80 feet long X 10 feet wide)! That part alone of the construction project was estimated to take two weeks (with two men at work for 10 to 12 hours per day each day).

At the end, it took three weeks and the shortest work day was 12 hours long! The sturdy structure is entirely made of wood and it is anchored both to the wall and floor. It is entirely recovered with long-lasting carpet and padded around all edges for safety and aesthetics.

After each day of work, André made sure that a series of pictures was taken in order to document the rate of progress. This picture illustrates the uneven bars section and the trampoline sections of the pit.

The masterful skills of Mr. André Oudin were absolutely crucial for the successful completion of this project. Over 17,000 screws were used for the entire pit structure!

André Oudin is a professional high-end finish carpenter by trade and his skills are extremely sought after in Québec, where he lives. He is responsible for a lot of the extremely luxurious and complex wood-work done at the house of music superstar Céline Dion.

The next stage was to box in the entire platform structure and to install the gymnastics equipment over it. Given that the pit is a raised structure, this project required a lot of imagination and skill. Once the pit was boxed in, we glued down some high-traffic quality carpet and proceeded to pad the interior contour of the pit walls. The trampolines were also added.

We then added the four large flights of stairs for easy access up the platform. André is a perfectionist and the quality of the finished product is incredible, but at that stage, it all looked like a huge construction site.

In early August, some people started dropping in on us and saw the magnitude of the gym we were building. In fact, on August 2, 2002, a woman walked in on the construction site (we had barely just started building) and without even asking if we would be able to finish the gym on time, she registered her two children! The pressure was on!

André and Sylvette spent their entire 2002 summer vacation in Edmonton to help Valérie in the setting up of the gym. Prior to their visit to Edmonton, André had spent hours on the phone and over fax machines, exchanging data and ideas on the gym plans.

Valerie and Sylvette spent hours discussing and setting up the various accounting aspects of the business. The plan was to have everything in place for September 1, 2002, so that on the first day of classes, Champion Gymnastics would be fully organized and functional.

The KEY to the success of the gym was the quality of the preparation work done by Valérie, André and Sylvette. It had been going on for well over a year!

With the pit structure almost completed, Valérie started the huge task of painting the gym. Andre started attacking the huge task of building the offices and lobby/foyer area. The floors were painted with a grey base, the walls were all painted with a white wall base and finish, the steel posts in the gym were painted with a fire truck red paint, the drywall walls were painted with a white base and finish paint.

One wall actually measures 21′ high X 105′ long! It took three full days for two men to paint that entire surface. The paint job in itself gave a much fresher look to the facility. It also completely eliminated the smell from the previous tenant, a spice manufacturer-distributor!

The next major step was to build the lobby-foyer area, the staff room, the washrooms, the administration office and the change-rooms. Andre had estimated that those rooms would require at least two full weeks of work by two men at a minimum of 10 hours per day. It took exactly that. Electricity and plumbing were contracted out

A sophisticated security system was installed, phone & fax lines were hooked up, new windows were put in and sealed, a huge roof-mounted heating/cooling unit was installed and office walls were erected.

André and Valérie had to demolish the previously existing walls, rip the existing floor tiles, level the cement floors, lay down new tile, build 15 new walls, put up drywall, mud and tape the new walls, install the hung ceilings, re-direct some of the heating, paint all the new rooms and install all new doors and windows.

Valerie got the help of their own two wonderful children (Sara & Frédéric) and of many friends in the process: Martin Flibotte, Johanne Mercier, Patrick Henri, Melanie Foisy, Anita & Bill Heikkila.

After a total of seven (7) weeks of intense work, the pit was completed; so were the offices and the lobby-foyer! Valérie, André, Sylvette, Martin, Johanne, Sara and Frédéric started moving in the gymnastics equipment from the huge storage space it had been sitting in for months.

From a bare warehouse space, things were finally starting to look like a gym!

The gym plans called for a full competition floor, a recreational floor, two regulations sets of uneven bars, one high bar, five beams with regulation mount and dismount areas, one regulation vault, two trampolines and ALL events over the pit for added safety!

Finally, the huge pit got filled with 5,000 cubic feet of fire-retardant polyurethane foam, the uneven bars were anchored, the landing mats were laid down according to the plans, the beams were raised and set, the ropes were hung, the trampolines were unfolded, mounted and anchored, the competition floor and the recreational floors were installed and the gym was ready!

The gym was inaugurated by a toddlers class on September 2, 2002 at 9:00 am!

Valérie were no longer dreaming about their gym, it was now a complete reality!

The gym became a reality thanks to André & Sylvette. Thanks to the silent inspiration provided by Pierre Arsenault, and with the support of our children Sara and Frédéric and of many dear friends (Doug, Kandie, Martin, Joh anne, Bill, Anita, Melanie & many others)!

In truth, it was very important that the expansion happened at a time where gymnastics was in the news. Our experience has shown that the free promotion that gymnastics receives through the Olympic Games has a demonstrated effect on registration.

So, the plan was to expand the current 10,400 sq. ft gym by knocking down the large wall into the adjacent space and add on an extra 8,200 sq. ft. over the months of July and August.Before and after coaching their athletes, Valérie would put on their work clothes and join in the construction. Most days started at 7:00 am and often ended VERY late at night! As planned, the new gym opened on September 2 @ 9:00 am, good and ready!

To top it all off, Valérie had invited their Olympic gymnast, Natasha Hallett (Barcelona-1992) to be the Guest of Honor for the Official Grand Re-Opening of the gym, scheduled for September 7th @ 3:00 PM. Natasha flew in from Orlando (Florida) on September 4th. She attended training on the Friday and had a sit-down chat with Champions Gymnastics’ current team members, where she told stories about her career and volunteered some sound advice to all athletes.

On Saturday, she was also the Guest of Honor at a Special Meet-and-Greet party which was held at Valérie’s home. All developmental and competitive gymnasts at Champions Gymnastics attended this event. Once more, Natasha answered questions from both kids and parents.

The next day, Natasha cut the ribbon at the Official Ribbon-cutting ceremony and thus launched the new gym… Champions Gymnastics had a special commemorative Poster made in honor of Natasha’s visit and all 150 copies were autographed by Natasha herself!

Thanks to all of our friends and family that came in and helped! It is much appreciated!

On July 1, 2008, André (Valérie’s dad) started cleaning the floors of the new space (which took two days) and hauling construction materials and tools to begin the work. It felt like old times. Demolition of the previously existing offices took the best part of two more days; old floor tiles were removed, walls were destroyed, tons of garbage were taken out… electrical wires were everywhere!

André then started building up the five large walls for both the meeting room and the Birthday party room at the back of the gym; these walls measured 21′ high and took close to three (3) days to build.

André also laid down floor tiles for these two rooms. Needless to say his knees were sore after all of this hard work, as he laid close to 1,000 tiles!

There was a long way to go before the new space would become a gym!

Simultaneously, under the expert care of Greg Staden (Staden Contracting), the Landlord started demolishing the large wall between the old and the new space. Family and friends came in to help (thanks to Lee, Peter, Jodi, Bernard and Lynn!).

Greg also had doors and windows replaced, and because of some construction-code requirements, four large walls that had been previously dry-walled had to be re-drywalled.

Greg had the electrical and other systems checked and fixed. He capped the new wall opening and did a thousand other little projects to make things happen. Thanks, Greg, great job!

The walls all got painted, all floor tiles were put down (close to 1,000 of them), the baseboards were glued on all walls, the viewing area was carpeted and painted, the entire floor surface was painted, all electrical work was done, all plumbing work was done, all security systems were put in, all doors were hung, the entire suspended ceiling and the countless tiles in the offices and lobby were put in by coach. Finally, all the gym equipment was laid out in the new space and all the gym now needed was to be massively cleaned!

So, on September 1, one day before the gym was due to open, many volunteers, friends and family came in for a massive last-minute cleaning bonanza. The gym was absolutely spotless once those hard-working people were done!

On two occasions, we were fortunate to have some friends and family come in and help us with construction and cleaning.and one day before the first class was to take place in the new gym, we had over 15 people come in and give a last push to get the gym ready!

Thanks to all you guys!

Our Phase 3 ….