Competitive & Developmental Coaching Team

Mrs. Valérie Oudin

Head Coach

Aspire, National Stream & HP

Mrs. Sara Stafford

Coach & Program Coordinator

SuperGirls, Developmental, Aspire & Competitive

Miss Brittany Ekstedt

Coach & Program Coordinator

Developmental & TEAM 4+

Miss Sagan Fediuk


SuperGirls & Developmental

Miss Miranda Meyer

Developmental & TEAM 4+

Recreational Coaching Team

Champions Gymnastics prides itself on having qualified and caring coaches! Kids are first at Champions Gymnastics ! Our programs are based on our philosophy of quality programming at all levels. We are dedicated at doing our best to provide the children who take part in our programs with a positive quality experience!

Miss Kristin S.

Miss Althea

Miss Miranda

Miss Sagan

Mrs. Nicole

Miss Jaely

Miss Emma

Miss Joyce

Miss Jenna

Miss Jacquelyn

Miss Veronic

Miss Ally M.

Miss Caitlin

Miss Alijha

Miss Kylee

Miss Courtney

Miss Kirra

Miss Kristin N.

Coaches - In - Training

Miss Brianna

Miss Maya