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What’s a gymnastics sleepover ?

  • The kids are dropped off at 7:00 PM at the gym.
  • During the sleepover, they play various games, have contests, free time and watch a movie (age-appropriate), under the supervision of Champions Gymnastics staff.
  • The children build their own sleeping fortresses with foam blocks, mats and anything else they can think of. What fun!
  • The kids are picked up at 8:30 am.
  • Things to bring : sleeping bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, pajamas and your favorite blanket! There is usually a maximum number of 40 spots for each sleepover, so we encourage you to book early! We reserve the right to increase the number of spots.   We generally assign staff on an approximate ratio of 1:10.
  • The sleepover is supervised by adult staff, that is trained in basic first aid.  Each staff has had a police security check & a child welfare check prior to being employed at Champions Gymnastics.
  • A written sign-in and a sign-out form must be filled out on site by the child’s parent/ward, in order for the child to be admitted and released.


Member price: $45 per child (includes G.S.T.)
Non-Member price: $50 per child (includes G.S.T.)


** Refunds : There are no refunds for sleepovers after 48 hours BEFORE the date. This means that if your child is registered and then ends up not attending, unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund. This is because your child has held a spot and we’ve had to pay staff time (ratios) accordingly.


  • Parents have to sign the drop-off form when dropping off their kid(s).
  • Have each kid put their sleeping bag and their belongings in the gym.
  • No food allowed in the gym.
  • Kids are not allowed to sleep on the trampoline or in the pit.
  • They are not allowed to have more than one (1) child in their “house”.
  • They can use anything they want as long as they put it back where it came from in the morning.
  • Around 9:30 PM, kids should get ready for “bed”. They brush their teeth, put on their pajamas and put the rest of their clothes in their bag.
  • The kids go to bed no later than 11 PM.
  • Everybody wakes up at 7:30 am. We make them clean-up their “house” first. Next they get dressed.
  • The adult picking up the kid(s) has to sign the pick-up form.
  • Make sure to check the registration form and inform us of any food allergies (especially peanut allergies). Kids can bring snacks with them.
  • No eating sugar or drinking pop after 9 PM.
  • All other gym rules apply.
  • Please make sure that the children have eaten BEFORE they come to the sleepover.
  • Breakfast is not provided in the morning.

Special Group Sleepovers

Champions Gymnastics now offers guest Groups the option of having their Sleepovers at our gym! You can download the information by clicking the link below:

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Testimonial :

“Our Girl Guide unit had an amazing time at our recent sleepover!

Miss Chris provided the girls with instruction on proper stretching, the correct way to do cartwheels, round offs and hand stands and then the girls got to play hide and seek.  They were then given free time to play on all the equipment…..and there is so much equipment to choose from!

The girls had ample time to burn off energy and then got to pull pieces from all over the gym to build the forts they would sleep in; they had so much fun doing this and the results were hilarious and impressive! Then they grabbed some snacks and settled into their forts to watch a movie before bed.  In the morning they got more free time to run around and play before heading home.

Our leaders thought it was well organized, so much fun and definitely worth the money and the girls had SO much fun! We will be recommending the Champions sleepover to everyone! Thanks so much!

Penny Kadach, 89th Guides”