CanGym Badges General Information

The CanGym Badges program is a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics.  It is a 14-level skill-based program. At each level, there are skills that must be achieved to move onto the next level. This program is for children ages 6 and up. This program is based on ability and NOT on age. Although we cannot guarantee it, we always attempt at creating classes for children of similar ages.

There are approximately thirty (30) skills per badge. At the end of each session, each child receives a Report Card, clearly indicating which skills have been learning/attempted (L) and mastered (√). In order to pass a particular badge, a child must master of the shaded elements on the Report Card.

Should your child wish to collect the actual badges, please see the Main Office for further information.

These key program skills have been selected to ensure a clear progression from one badge to the next, ultimately leading to the key skills that are contained in the Gold Badge.

Please take note that progress through the various levels depends on each child’s abilities and efforts and that, as such, it may take more than one session of classes for a child to pass a particular level.

Badges 1 – 4 are co-ed.

Dress code : For all Badge class GIRLS, we require them to wear a one-piece bodysuit.  Shorts & shirt are not acceptable.  If the athlete feels more comfortable, they may wear a pair of tight shorts over their bodysuit.   For Badge class BOYS, shorts & a t-shirt is perfect.






Kids registered in the Badges 1 – 4 classes come and go through the Recreational Gym Entrance.

Badge 1 – Burgundy

Badge 2 –Red

Badge 3 –Tan

Badge 4 –Bronze

Badge 5 –Purple

Badge 6 –Blue

Badge 7 –Turquoise

Badge 8 –Silver

Badge 9 –Orange

Badge 10 –Yellow

Badge 11 –Green

Badge 12 –Grey

Badge 13 White

Badge 14 – Gold