Coaching Clinics

Michel Arsenault, ChPC

NCCP level 4
(1992 Barcelona Olympic Games Canadian Team Staff Coach)

For your club’s Coaching / Professional development needs, Mr. Michel Arsenault (ChPC) is available to provide your coaching staff with single or multiple day clinics, or long-term interventions in order to help your athletes/coaches reach their maximum potential.

These clinics can be arranged at your convenience and held in your Club’s facility. Athletes and/or coaches from your club can actively take part in all practical sessions under the direction of Mr. Arsenault, as deemed necessary.

These clinics can cover topics of your choice and cater to all levels of women’s artistic gymnastics (vault, uneven bars, floor, planning, methodology, program organization, etc…)

You will learn new teaching methods, new techniques and new information on training programs which will improve your athletes’ performances at competition.

For more information on costs and other details, please call Mr. Arsenault at 780-991-2109 or write to:

Mr. Michel Arsenault
9527-49 St., Edmonton, Alberta, T6B-2L8, Canada


Tour of China DVDs

Women’s Gymnastics Study Tour of China/ 2-disc DVD set

Filmed and produced by Michel Arsenault, ChPC

I have always admired Chinese gymnastics, both from a technical and from an aesthetic point of view. I have always been unsatisfied with the explanation that China is a great gymnastics country simply because of its large population. I have always thought that this was not enough of an explanation for their amazing results, so in 2005, I decided to go visit China to finally learn about their coaching methodology and technical approach first hand. I was especially interested in how the Chinese prepare their young gymnasts (ages 6-10). I was not really interested in their Juniors and Seniors, because I already knew what they do at that level.

I arranged to visit different training centers as an observer in the summer 2006. It took me a year to organize that trip.

I flew to Beijing and visited a Provincial Training Center in that city, a Sport school specializing in Gymnastics (Shi Cha Hai) and their new National Training Center. I also visited a Provincial Training center in KunMing (South Western China) and I attended a Compulsory meet in ZhenZhou (Central China) for little ones.

I would sit during entire practices, film and take notes. I had the opportunity to exchange a little with some coaches through an interpreter and to gain some more perspective on their thoughts about gymnastics training for young ones. My interactions with people were limited because of the language barrier but I did manage to get answers to many of my questions.

I produced a package that contains two (2) DVDs and one (1) manuscript. You can now order the DVD/Manuscript Package from this study tour !

DVD Order Information

DVD #1 is 19 minutes long and DVD #2 is 14 minutes  long. They have some on-screen commentaries, slow-motion and voice-over. A 15-page written report accompanies the DVDs.

The DVD set and document sell for $ 69.99 (CAD) in NTSC format for $ 79.99 (CAD) in PAL format, and for $ 89.99 for all other formats. Shipping is $5.00 (CAD) and taxes are 5%.

Once your payment has cleared, we will mail the 2-DVD set and document within two (2) weeks. We do not issue refunds. If there is a defect in the DVD copies, simply mail back the defective DVD and we will re-send a new copy.

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