This Co-ed Adult Class is for participants aged 18 years and older. This 1.5 hour class runs once a week (see Recreational Schedule for choices of days & times).

We offer Beginner (up to & including walkovers) and Intermediate/Advanced (proficient walkovers).

Upon registration, we will ask you to declare your current skill level, so as to provide proper supervision and instruction.

For a full curriculum of the Adult Class guidelines, click here!


BEGINNER: This class is aimed at introducing the basics of gymnastics to adults who have very little or no prior experience in gymnastics.

Excellent for first timers, ex-gymnasts, martial arts athletes and cheerleaders ! This class can also be useful for snowboarders, wakeboarders and kneeboarders and any other water or snow-related sport/activity.

INTERMEDIATE: This class is aimed at further developing the skills that the participant already has acquired. In other words, if you do have some prior experience, we can also help you perfect the skills you already know and/or learn new ones.

ADVANCED: This class is aimed at further developing your current skills and at achieving new ones in a supervised environment.

Maximum of 10 people per class for all levels combined.

CLASS STRUCTURE: In the first half of the class, there is a coach-led warm-up, stretching & basic skills.  The second half of the class focuses on individual skills that the class members would like to learn or improve upon.  The coach will provide progressions, tips, spotting and more.

This is a popular class year-round, so call early!

Athletes registered in the Adult Class come and go through the Recreational Gym Entrance.


This information FORM must be filled out before you begin your session. 

We would appreciate it ahead of time! You can fill it out, scan & e-mail it back to us at  This is not a confirmation of registration.  To register, you must contact the office and PAY for the class.  Registration spots are not held until payment in full is received.